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The SELF animates ‘this’ body and also animates ‘that’ body and interacts with each one in a myriad of ways. A foe, a lover, a companion, an antagonist, a student/devotee, a teacher/guru … each one playing off each other disguised as separate … and yet inseparable.

The one you attack is the SELF, the one you embrace is also the SELF … and YOU ‘are’ this SELF. No matter how incredible are the dramas acted out by the heroes and villains in your world, they are NOT real. If you invest your attention jousting with these windmills of illusion you make them seem very real in your ‘unique world’ and delay the moment of your Freedom.

It is the SELF ‘shrouded’ in these intricate and deceptive costumes that ‘is’ the Love YOU ‘Are. Only the SELF warrants your Attention and only the expansion of your Awareness ‘of’ the SELF YOU Are will fully Awaken YOU ‘to’ the SELF … to Freedom.

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