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Opinions and perspectives are ‘of’ the mind. They ‘shift’ and ‘change’ according to one’s conditioning and the beliefs that are attached to that conditioning. Truth [the ONE SELF YOU Are] ‘never’ changes. An opinion is projected ‘from’ the false self called ‘me’ into the shifting sands of the great illusion and has absolutely no relevance except as it pertains to this dream most called reality.

When the SELF ‘speaks’, even that is diluted Truth since IT is obliged to do so through words and words are an attempt to place a ‘frame’ around infinity [Truth]. A very popular opinion, which is usually offered as an ‘absolute’ Truth by the collective voice of humanity, is something called ‘unconditional Love’. The false self is an ‘amalgam’ of conditioning and as such unconsciously cloaks all attempts at Love ‘in’ this conditioning [as well meaning as it may be]. In Silence, the ONE SELF Loves ‘unconditionally’ because IT ‘is’ Love.

This is only one of many, many opinions that attempt to confine what cannot be confined. The SELF ‘is’ Empty and yet All That Is in potential. When IT manifests within the Grand Dream, immediately IT becomes tangled up in the limitations of separation, which cannot be resolved since separation is required for manifestation to take place. It’s a Divine Dichotomy in which the SELF experiences IT’s infinite and boundless Perfection – imperfectly … and that imperfection draws IT back toward IT SELF.

“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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