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Being – ‘fully’ AWARE of IT SELF can be In-Here or Out-There without being molested by the constantly flowing tides of change that are always present in the temporary world-dream. In Truth, IT is both since the so-called ‘out-there’ is actually ‘appearing’ as a holographic expression ‘within’ the boundless-ness of the ONE SELF. IT ‘is’ the Real YOU and is never ‘not’ YOU.

However, if, while IT experiences this projection, IT momentarily [which could be an eon] ‘identifies’ with ‘any’ of the out-there projections, IT then ‘knows’ limitation and in that experience, there is a ‘longing’ for Wholeness. This ‘out-there’ identification causes ‘tension’ and this in turn causes pain and suffering. Eventually this draws YOU/IT ‘out-of’ this identification and in that regard may be called ‘the Divine Discontent’, which ensures the ONE SELF never gets permanently ‘trapped’ in the ‘out-there’ illusion.

LIFE: The Descent ‘from’ and Ascent ‘to’ the Awareness of Who’ You Really Are

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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