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Thinking outside the box is a relatively well know phrase which ‘suggests’ that one expand their perspective beyond what most refer to as ‘normal’ and even ‘acceptable’ behaviour … at the moment. When this occurs possibilities arise that are not normally seen by the mind, and this can lead to a fuller, richer life experience … at least - this is the ‘story’.

For example, an entrepreneur or an artist in many creative fields tend to ‘think outside the box’. They are often called radical, rebellious, extremists and often black sheep. Their lives tend to exhibit these expressions and whether they produce great works of not, there ‘is’ an essence of ‘freedom’ surrounding them no matter how ‘unstable’ their experiences may be.

What is NOT well known is that there are ‘many’ boxes – ‘nested’ boxes within each other and the freedom experienced is still within a prison with the bars further and further away from view as the mind expands beyond each box. Whatever emanates from the mind arises from the false self [ego], which is the product of the belief in separation. This belief manifests the entire illusory world/universe including this false entity called ‘me’. It IS an enormous prison where the indivisible Whole-ness of the ONE SELF You Really Are is NOT known.

‘Thinking’ IS the obstacle and its end coincides with the end of the mind-oriented false identity. To Truly LIVE outside the box of illusions … ‘you’ must disappear.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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