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When sudden Awareness of deep conditioning rises to the surface as a ‘trigger’, if you can … stop whatever you are doing and give it your full attention. Great opportunity lies in ‘explosions’ of long held conditioning. Light lies beneath these heavy weights.

In an instant for example, you may be triggered by the winds of ‘unworthiness’ … the story/drama for this is unimportant after it has gotten your attention.. The fire burns hot here and the urge to distract is compelling as the false self is clever and devious dragging your attention elsewhere in a flash. “You’re busy right now, look at this later,” it will tell you … but NO, make it your number priority and be vigilant.

If you feel for it, use Self Inquiry to dissolve that layer of conditioning. The tentacles of this ancient conditioning lie hidden everywhere in your life and your Attention is like ‘fire to tissue paper’ when you stand your ground and what once felt so over-powering will disappear like the paper dragon it is.

-image by Solveig Larsen


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I AM Within
I AM Within
Dec 07, 2020

Love this! Thank you John ❤️🙏🏻

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