-Fighting for Peace EXPANDS discord.

-Working for Peace EXPANDS the experience of its lack.

-Genuine Peace ‘passes understanding’ because understanding is of the false-self-mind, which analyzes.

-Peace cannot be held in ‘relationship’ to anything else such as war, chaos, stress, confusion, etc., because IT ‘has’ no opposite and stands alone … another name for ONE or SELF [the Real YOU].

-YOU cannot ‘have’ Peace because what can be ‘had’ can also be taken away and Peace is eternal. Peace ‘is’ Who You Are and is ever-Present.

-You ‘as’ YOU … the Real YOU, can only be AWARE of the Peace YOU ‘are’. The false self [body- mind-identity (person)] can never be Aware of genuine Peace because it is an illusory existence ‘based-on’ the belief in separation. Balance is the closest the false self can come to Real Peace.

-Peace depends on ‘nothing’, meaning it relies on or rests on nothing ‘outside’ IT SELF since there ‘is’ nothing ‘outside’ ONE. Emptiness ‘is’ nothing-ness and the absence of the individual-personal-identity reveals the ONE SELF.

-Returning to the Awareness of the Peace You Are, occurs effortlessly and automatically when the person dissolves back into the ONE SELF.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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