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peace OR PEACE


‘peace of mind’ … is NOT “the Peace that passes understanding”. It is simply a temporary ‘pause’ in the constant anxiety, worry, fear and suffering that the mind continually experiences.

Real PEACE is another word for Freedom, Joy, Abundance, Truth, Consciousness, Beauty, I AM and Love … in other words God. It ‘is’ Who You Really Are … not ‘have’, which is a vastly different thing, but ARE.

When you use one or more of the numberless modalities available to hopefully ‘sooth the mind’ or even ‘heal the body’, the efforts are directed toward the false-self-body-mind-identity … who most believe they are. While there are endless ways and means oriented to this focus, all have temporary effects. When combined with spirituality it can seem like you are somehow getting closer to Self Realization or Liberation [Freedom], and yet all attention paid to what is NOT real [temporary] EXPANDS the ‘attachment to them’ and that is offering your devotion ‘to’ separation. The mis-directed false self is like a starving beggar carrying a bag of food on its back and complaining about the burden … it seeks but never finds.

It does not matter that this is usually below the level of conscious awareness. To become Aware again of Who You Really Are requires that that is where your Attention is placed - only. The SELF takes care ‘of’ IT SELF when it occupies a body … ‘provided’ you have totally surrendered to IT. Unless the techniques you are involved with are somehow focused on discovering the SELF ‘Now’ … not in some distant future where it does not exist, you will remain on the merry-go-round of illusions band-aiding your blindness but never Truly seeing.

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