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The question, “can people change” has been given much attention and importance and the answer is, ‘people change constantly’. One’s conditioning [the sum of all attachments, expectations and identifications] is like a sculptor redesigning the behavior and even appearance of who most people believe they are – the body-mind-identity. For most, these changes may seem imperceptible, subtle and slow to show any discernible differences, nevertheless the person ‘is’ shifting and changing constantly. This however, means ‘nothing’ as it relates to Who You Really Are because the ‘person’ is a fiction and no matter what changes occur, they have ‘no effect’ at all on this relatively ‘Unknown’ Being.

The Real Being You Are ‘never changes’ and is ‘always’ Perfect. It is wrapped in the shroud of the ‘false-self-person’ and rarely seen until one exposes the fabricated entity they have believed defines them as they turn their Attention inward. In this way they are not ‘becoming’ something so called ‘better’ as the concept of people changing usually suggests … they are stripping away the disguises that have hidden their one and only identity … the individuated God-SELF. Coming to this recognition can be a shock since the vast majority of humanity believes the world they live in as a person is very real indeed, but once this revelation occurs … there is no turning back.

Countless millions are Now finding themselves at this crossroads. It can be a very scary but gloriously Beautiful moment that gives everyone cause for deep gratitude in the midst of what appears to be a chaotic world … a chaos that always occurs when the Light of Truth is breaking through ancient barriers.

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