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Balance is NOT the same as somehow ‘getting even’. Getting even is an attempt at revenge, which is the sibling of judgment, the offspring of the belief in separation. The false-self-body-mind-identity judges ‘everything’ and ‘everyone’ … mostly well beneath the radar of conscious awareness. It is a constant ‘focusing’ on ‘levels of hierarchy’, of acceptability, desirability and outright aversion. The effort required to sustain this artificial ‘balance’ is enormous and can be seen everywhere in the myriad of competitive products such as cosmetics and fashion as well as in the industries of sports, fitness, education and the acquisition of wealth and power.

In some way it touches every aspect of the Grand Dream most see as reality. The SELF [the Real YOU] ‘knows’ that IT is ‘Whole’, without division or levels of any kind despite IT being ONE disguised as many. IT dwells in the many in Perfect balance, seamlessly navigating the world-dream, ‘unmolested’ by the endless contrasts that allow IT to taste and savor IT SELF. This ‘Perfect Balance’ is always ‘unattached’ to outcomes or experiences, flowing effortlessly from one to another.

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