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When Life is guided by Pure Conscious Awareness [the SELF], there is ‘no mind’ to molest you and draw you into the great drama where dancing bears and juggling clowns define the parameters of your worldly experience. There ‘are’ no boundaries in Consciousness … whereas the mind is its own prison ‘and’ its own jailer having forged the bars with the conditioning that defines it.

But how then to exist and function without the mind?

The intricate mechanism of the body with its seemingly limitless processes, operates almost exclusively without your awareness by Consciousness. All but a few functions such a breathing and eating are totally hidden. The same infinite ‘unicity’ will provide you a moment by moment ‘flow’ that is precisely orchestrated for your highest good. You need only ‘invite’ IT to do so then remain ‘open’ – surrendered to ITs unbroken and Loving Embrace.

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