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Within the Grand Dream most things one experiences everyday are casually regarded as reality … so subtle is the veil of illusion that ‘traps’ the SELF You Are. The concept of ‘personhood’ is rarely questioned … there seems to be a body, a mind and an identity and this is the person most believe they are … hopefully with something Divine connected, embedded or at least close by and perhaps accessible. This very convincing illusion is associated with survival ‘of’ this person called ‘me’ and ideally living abundantly while thriving in excellent health and happiness, then maybe going on to an even better eternal life.

This fiction pervades most of humanity and may be referred to as ‘personal power’ on some level. Many huge industries revolve around this illusion. Issues of self esteem, self development and self empowerment are very popular in every culture … all are predicated on the belief that this ‘person’ is real. However, it is NOT and every attempt in this direction leads ‘away’ from the SELF since it endorses ‘separation’. YOU ‘are’ NOW and have always been the SELF [God – Consciousness] and only wear an ephemeral mask of individuality.

Personal power is one of the most convincing illusions within the Grand Dream. There ‘is’ only ONE Real Power and YOU are already IT, no matter what the outward appearance of your temporary disguise.

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