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The false self loves ‘phenomena’ and proclaims that it is a sign of its growth toward Self Realization. The false self however can never ‘become’ anything since it is a fiction. Phenomena comes and goes and is therefore also a fiction since what is Real does NOT change.

Of yourself [the person], you are nothing – NOT Real. As the Real YOU, you are ‘All That Is’ as well as Emptiness. Whatever ‘abilities’ may arise on their own within the dream experience in no way validates the God SELF YOU Are … they too are aspects of the Grand Dream. Therefore, attempting to develop special abilities has no ‘real’ value and only fosters the illusion of you as a ‘special separated’ entity.

Whatever comes into your experience is predestined and requires no assistance you may believe you can offer. There ‘is’ no ‘real’ purpose for you as long as you slumber in the belief that you are a person … except to fully Awaken ‘from’ that illusion, all else is a delay of that inevitability.

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