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Supernatural capabilities are very compelling and often regarded as a sign of spiritual development and there are many techniques available to expand these abilities. However, no special faculty has ever brought one to the Freedom of the SELF [the full Awareness of the God YOU Really Are] ... because they are extensions of the mind [the false self]. As the veils of conditioning dissolve back into the SELF it ‘is possible’ but not definite that one may acquire abilities and have experiences that are so-called ‘other-worldly’, but these unfold naturally. Nevertheless, ALL ‘other worlds’ as well as ALL ‘dimensions’ are also aspects of the Grand Dream.

Some may possess a host of psychic gifts while others have virtually none. Neither scenario suggests a hierarchy of spiritual attainment, of which there is none … you are either dreaming or Aware that YOU ‘are’ the SELF. Whatever comes and goes is ‘always’ part of the Grand Dream … that which never changes is the only Reality.

It is the desolation of the false self [body-mind-personal identity] alone that reveals Who YOU Really Are and have always been.

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