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Many have discovered that by focusing ‘thought-attention’ on an Intention [goal, target, dream], the manifestation ‘of’ that Intention is likely to come about … in some way - ‘if’ this focus is both ‘consistent’ and is charged with ‘passion’. This is how the manifested universe comes into being as well. Everything within this Grand Dream is a projected thought on the screen of Consciousness and shows up ‘individually-unique’ for each thinker due to their own specific conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory (past) and imagination (future)]. That conditioning also governs how the manifested dream is ‘experienced’ on the swinging pendulum of happiness and sorrow. In other words – dreams coming true does not guarantee satisfaction.

It truly is a ‘game’ on the stage of dreams played out by those who sleep to Who They Really Are. The game always contains a blend of opposites – pain with pleasure since nothing occurs in this ‘made-up’ universe that does not in some way illustrate the belief that everything is ‘separate’ and not ONE. The pain must be consistently uncomfortable enough to ‘override’ the ‘highs’ that one receives from playing-make-believe before ‘anything’ else is considered. You decide when you have REALLY ‘had enough’ playing.

From that ‘breaking or tipping pointing’ genuine humility and surrender must be present for the PULL within to be sufficient to ‘redirect’ one’s focus ‘inward’ with the same intensity that was used to manifest their dream world before Truth will be revealed and sustained.

From MAGICIAN to MASTER: The Creator’s Formula - Making Your Dreams Come True

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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