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I invite you ask the question: “Can you be ruffled, offended or hurt in any way?” … followed by this question: “Who is it that is upset?” This is the only ‘real’ question worth asking when the world most call reality seems to assault you. This entity, who is wounded seems so real, the distress feels so real, this person you call ‘me’ appears so real and there are so many validations of this … “how could it NOT be real”, you may ask.

You are God, without limits and can make the ‘unreal’ appear absolutely genuine. The greatest ‘trick’ God [YOU] performed was to convince IT SELF that IT was NOT God. While you dwell in this delusion, this little ‘you’, this false self ‘can’ indeed feel the multitude of discomforts that a body-mind-identity with its all senses and emotions can feel. None of it is real but you, as the sleeping God-SELF You Are, have cloaked your SELF in this imaginary entity to savor and taste ‘everything’, to play in the field of dreams, to love, to hate, to embrace, to attack, to judge and be judged … by a phantom, until you have had enough of games and choose to remember Who You Really Are.

So, play on as long as you feel for it … or, lay down your masks and surrender fully to that sublime voice within and return to the Awareness of the God You Are. Either way … All Is Well.

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