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Nothing you ‘do’ in the great illusion has any ‘real’ meaning … you are simply plucking at strings in a dream. The waves of music however ‘always’ play the same melody – Freedom … no matter how discordant they may sound to the limited ear of the body-mind-identity. Everything … every moment is perfectly orchestrated to bring you Home. The path for most is a wide and winding route full of highs and lows, so caught up in the importance of their music are they that they do not recognize the master conductor behind each note.

The SELF ‘is’ that master and despite the bondage it has allowed IT SELF to endure within the dream ITs infinite influence is ever between the notes of blindness, shining Light everywhere. That Light is reflected to ITs ‘sleeping aspect’ like a crumb-trail out of a dark forest. The forest is the conditioning that masquerades as a tiny and seemingly insignificant human, alone in a cruel and dangerous world. The crumb-trail is made up of the constant ‘triggers’ that seem like enemies and yet are the friends that show you what clouds are ready to be dispersed … if you will listen and dive deep into them and recognize them as the paper tigers they are.

Never are you alone … the One who watches cannot leave you because IT is YOU … the Real YOU whose name is LOVE.

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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