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Every culture has ‘Pockets of Light’ where Truth shines through chinks in the armor of the Grand Dream. Festive occasions such as Christmas is one of those pockets. Most of these ‘phases’ are made-up-dates that have become focal points for the masses to celebrate some semblance of Truth according to their traditions. The Light is ‘always’ the same … only the ‘display’ differs. If you ‘slip beneath’ the ‘stories and dramas’ of these events, the Light lies naked, exposed and easily available.

If you can let go of the traditional ‘have-to’s’ and ‘float’ on the currents of Love that underpin these Sacred moments, the Real YOU will be given a ‘leave of absence’ from its imprisonment and get to breath in the Truth of ITs Being ‘unfiltered’ by the elaborate trimmings and glamor with all the enticing noise and seductive antics surrounding these ‘Pockets of Light’. Between the merry music, tinsel and color-filled corridors of fantasy tied to these Divine windows, lies an opportunity for the slumbering God-SELF to awaken, ‘perhaps’ never to return to the prison clothes of forgetfulness.

To catch this wave of Light simply stay Still, Open and Attentive … Truth may finally Awaken you ‘fully’ from the blindness that has kept the Freedom YOU ARE from your Awareness.

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