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Pure Conscious Awareness [the Real YOU] ‘is’ ONE. There is no separation of any kind in ONE, which is always and only ONE. All concepts of opposites spring forth from the original belief in separation and result in the manifestation of the universal Grand Dream most call life or reality. Two, often referred to opposites, are positive and negative thinking and what emanates from them … and while attention on Truth does ‘seem’ to be purely ‘positive’, there can be no ONE-ness without the unicity of its apparent opposite … in this case negative.

‘All’ thinking is illusory and results in the mind in its current role as one’s personal identity. It is a tyrant and has no basis in reality. The mind in its True role is a neutral software operating system guided by the SELF. The infinite number of functions that orchestrate your body are handled by Consciousness through the mind and if not interfered with through conditioning, express flawlessly. Nevertheless, when consciousness fell beneath the Awareness of the God IT [YOU] is, the gradual build up of conditioning redesigned the perfect reflection of Truth and all manner of anomalies manifested [and continue to] in the body, which most refer to as negative.

Positive thinking ‘can’ alter the various manifestations within the Grand Dream and one’s individual world dream but its still ‘just’ a dream … it does not influence the Freedom [the Reality] You Are, which never changes and is only hidden [seems to be] from Awareness by conditioning. Attention on Truth [full Conscious Awareness of the God You Are] is the only thing that influences how your world is experienced in and as the Love IT is.

#12 -sent from our Retreat at the Forest in the Sky - Flamingo Dai Lai Resort in Vietnam

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