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Prayer and blessing usually defers to an ‘outside’ source [God by any name]. This is separation and where there this belief is present the manifestation of ‘contrast’ with its infinite variations, fosters chaos, confusion and conflict … good intentions gone awry. There IS only ONE SELF and YOU are IT. In order to bless and/or pray [so-called ‘effectively’] this Awareness ‘needs’ to be present.

For example: “May this person _____ be uplifted [in whatever way] in the name of the ONE SELF – I AM.” This is ‘declaring’ rather than ‘asking’. And: “I bless this situation [whatever it is] in the name of the ONE SELF – I AM.” “Nevertheless, according to thy will” may be added, which ‘filters’ out any personal preferences the false self may have in the matter.

These kinds of small ‘adjustments’ have an enormous influence and do NOT ‘resist’ destiny [What Is]. This is ‘going with the flow’ even though that flow may not be obvious. It also ‘expands’ Awareness of the ONE SELF YOU Are while you are still yawning awake from eons of sleeping.

-image by Solvieg Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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You speak of surrendering and I do that everyday but if there is NO me, who is doing the surrendering? Is it the Self or Christ surrendering up the non existent self?


I understand what you try to convey, however what you write is another aspect of separation.

I have surrendered in not knowing what “ created” or “reveiled” the “ One self”

I feel so relieved to let go of explaning it. And when an urge to ask for help and guidance arises I leave it up to the one self to take over knowing that I am it, my mind just cannot grasp it and figure it all out.

My blessings to you in the name of one self

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