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The planet and all that seems to be on and in it, are aspects of a Grand Dream, as is the entire universe - its a projection on the screen of Consciousness another name for the ONE SELF. What follows is a brief synopsis of the dreams [programs] ‘within’ this Grand Dream that have recently manifested, which will help humanity SHIFT into its first level of Awakening.


When you buy a new computer it comes with a basic ‘operating system’ on/in which many applications/APPS [programs] can be added according to a desired outcome. This is much like the ‘innate’ and unseen operating system that handles thousands of functions per second in your body - PERFECTLY, unless interfered with by ‘added programs’.

When the Real You [the slumbering God-SELF You Are] arrives in a ‘new’ body IT comes with baggage … a collection of unresolved programs called ‘conditioning’. This conditioning both designs the body you wear as well as the destiny you will experience [all of it]. New programs [‘conditioning’ made up of attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory (past) and imagination (future)] are ‘added’ as this life experience unfolds, coloring every moment ‘of’ that experience.

This NEW conditioning can be easily ‘programmed’ into your operating system ‘without’ your permission or awareness by those [there really are no others] who ‘know how’ and have their own agenda’s [usually suspicious at best]. This has been the way the Grand Dream has played out ever since the original thought/belief in ‘separation’ that brought the dream world/universe into manifestation. Most of humanity has been and continues to be manipulated in this way and is largely ‘completely unaware’ of it.

In this last year of clock time [2020-21] a long standing ‘hidden and nefarious agenda’ has been increasingly exposed for all to witness. Some few saw it immediately, others joined gradually, but now hundreds of millions across the globe … ‘at the very least’ SUSPECT that there has been and is a grand-plan to control all of humanity through a concept called a One World Order. This plan is NOT benign in any way, rather it is insidious, calculated, self-centered and ultimately lethal for most of humanity since it includes the euthanization of most of the global population.

This plan has been seeping into the collective consciousness of humanity for well over 100 years. The programming agenda included a ‘herding principle’ that corralled vast numbers of unaware people into and through ‘programming’ systems that literally ‘molded minds’ to follow a specific direction. Principal among these systems were advertising, entertainment, mainstream media and education whose constant and repetitive messages added whatever ‘program’ into people’s operating systems that fostered their cause.

These systems first had to be taken over and then sculpted to fit the end objectives. To accomplish this, banking and finance had to be taken over completely and later authoritative systems such as law enforcement, intelligence, judiciary branches, politics and the countries they governed were added to eliminate any interference with plans that were being rolled out. The military was also key to the ultimate containment of a One World Order and for the most part, this was accomplished through the political systems they controlled.

**The American military was and is the exception, which was and is still headed by Donald Trump - the Real President who was elected by the greatest landslide in the history of the USA. The evidence of this is overwhelming.**

In 2016 this nefarious organization of elites referred to as the ‘deep state’ were ready to complete the ‘mass-programming’ of humanity when they miscalculated their rigging of that years American election with their choice for President [Hilary Clinton] being beaten by Donald Trump. That instigated a massive attack on the new and unforeseen adversarial administration using every means at their disposal from fraud, bribery, assassination attempts, impeachment, a smear campaign by the mainstream media that was unprecedented and finally a ‘beefed-up’ and highly coordinated election rigging scheme that soon became patently obvious to anyone paying attention.

This time the elaborate scheme was openly exposed as fraudulent but the evidence was ignored by the judiciary system and mainstream media who were and are both owned by this deep state organization. What they did not foresee was the ingenuity of the Trump administration’s foresight and resolve to eradicate the deep state from their usurped position as world-controllers.

The Trump Team allowed the ‘scam’ to play out and the puppet-president chosen to preside over the government after the stolen election, was illegally inaugurated in a ‘stage performance’, which could plainly be seen to be ‘prerecorded’ in several sessions with clothing switches by key participants showing up everywhere from moment to moment. The military turned their backs on the fake president and the Pentagon refused him entry into their building or access to critical military information. Trump retained the nuclear briefcase and AF1 leaving the puppet-president to fly transport planes, hire his own security and operate from a stage-set-oval-office as the While House was/is off limits to him.

Meanwhile, the puppet-president signed a blizzard of “executive orders” that are attempting to overturn for the deep state, the enormous accomplishments of the first 4 years of Trump’s administration [largely unknown by the world since the mainstream media did not report any of them]. As the countdown-clock ticks by, behind the scenes the military, which is the real power temporarily in charge of the country, executes its meticulous plans to ‘take-down’ the deep state, not just in America but globally. There are tens of thousands of arrests occurring as this rolls out, many of them household names known to all.

All this and much much more is part of the dawn of an Age of Peace and Light that begins with the Mass Awakening of humanity to the elaborate fantasy they have been living. But this is only the ‘first level’ of Awakening and will simply replace a very dark dream with a ‘happier’ dream. There are much deeper levels of Awakening still to come but the ‘question’ will now remain in most minds: “In what other ways might I have been fooled about reality?” … and that will lead many ‘inward’ where Truth is found.

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