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The SELF ‘never’ promises … IT is constant and never changes. What IT ‘is’ does not require a promise to BE What IT ‘is’.

The false self is ever-changing and makes promises as contracts or agreements saying it will do what it says it will do - but is totally ‘incapable’ of carrying out these promises. The physical manifestation of these promises ‘may’ in rare instances be consistent with its promises but ‘thought’ precedes behaviour and is ‘never’ consistent … changing, compromising and morphing from moment to moment according to each passing breeze of circumstance. These shifting thoughts in turn find ways to ‘alter’ how these promises actually play out to suit these shifts.

The SELF has no expectations of any kind … no attachments whatsoever to outcomes and identifies with no set of ‘should-be’s’. IT is Free of ALL ties having no desires. IT simply ‘IS’.

To the body-mind-identity [false self] … this is insanity and yet the false self and insanity are interchangeable descriptions of person-hood. One look at the historical archive of person-hood [humanity] validates this.

The SELF is Who YOU Really Are … IT ‘is’ Truth IT SELF.

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