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There is only one Purpose everyone has until they are freed from the illusion of personhood and all the limitations that are attendant with that belief … that Purpose ‘is’ to be Free ‘as’ Who You Really Are. All other ‘seeming’ purposes, no matter how lofty they may appear are illusions within the grand illusion of this world/universe, which is separation. Whatever grandiose purpose one may be engaged in, has within its passionate calling this ‘primary’ Purpose. Whether that calling so-called succeeds of fails is of little importance … only your Freedom holds genuine value. In that Self Realized state everything you ever believed was important either fades into nothingness or becomes as simple as breathing.

It is a normal experience that as one draws near to their Freedom … their life circumstances can become almost unbearable. The challenges, pain and suffering can often feel insurmountable. As the Light of Truth ‘expands’ it exposes more and more of the conditioning that has defined the person you are leaving behind and with that often comes great turbulence. It is not uncommon to feel like you are losing your mind, and that really ‘is’ what is occurring since the mind ‘is’ the false self. Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness and uselessness can plague the one who draws near the Truth of their Real Identity.

Know that this is a highly auspicious moment in your life and that great help, usually unseen but also synchronistically showing up at the many 11th hours you may face, are there to support this ‘great and noble’ endeavor you have taken on.


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