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When once you place your feet firmly on the ground of the spiritual life there is a kind of expectation [my most] that you will be surrounded in smiling faces, warm embraces, friendly greetings and gatherings reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving painting. For many who give this their constant attention … it ‘is’ their experience where endless discussions take place dissecting the wisdom of those who have ‘gone the whole distance’ to their Freedom [who also discovered that there ‘is’ no distance to Truth].

This honey-trap snares and keeps them in a ‘new’ prison where the bars, lined now with satin are less visible and the euphoria of cozy clusters delays the ‘deeper dive’ within. Eventually, the blush leaves the rose and each one slips beneath the waves of the mind to discover the conditioning that is the cause of all the suffering and division, and this takes them into the fire of who they are NOT. When this occurs, one often feels like a rag doll, torn limb from limb in the winds of transformation as layer after layer of the elaborate costumes that have hidden YOU from you … are ripped away. It is indeed a fiery moment but totally authentic where the hesitant egg-shell dance is put away and you stand naked and exposed without all your clever disguises.

It is a magnificent fire … a thundering velvet storm from which the last vestiges of illusions are blown away leaving you totally vulnerable, empty and embracing the unknown in every moment, while the SELF You Are, the splendiferous Light you have always been, shines through the veil-less humility of Truth.

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