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Within the Grand Dream [a temporary manifestation of the belief in separation] … EVERYTHING is possible:

-Evolution [a ‘from here to there’ time/space illusion]

-Every religious belief system [made-up by the mind]

-Magic, such as the ‘Law of Attraction’ [thought made manifest]

… anything at all.

These are dreams within dreams within dreams on an endless spiral within the Grand Dream. However, dreams are illusions and have no ‘real’ existence since what ‘comes and goes’ is un-real.

Truth [the ONE SELF] cannot be ‘known’ through the mind, which itself is a temporary construct occurring due to thought ... again emanating from the belief in separation. Truth cannot be ‘figured out’ … IT simply IS and can only be ‘experienced’ when the clouds of ‘conditioning’ that obscure IT are dissolved. Nevertheless, the Grand Dream ‘is’ used to dream the slumbering God-SELF ‘out-of’ the dream. For this: Self Inquiry/Surrender is the direct route.

Self Discovery and Self Inquiry: A Handbook for the Pathless-Path to Freedom

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