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The Natural tapestry of the Grand Dream is ONE seamless ‘flow’, which if untainted by ‘conditioning’ is an ever-Present expression of Beauty. It is one spontaneous and synchronistic blend of Love, Abundance, Peace and Freedom after another. The concept of miracles dissolves when they are recognized as the unbroken ‘norm’.

This ‘Real Life’ just IS. It requires no effort, no individual ‘doing’ based on some imaginative concept of perfection … the possibility of which does NOT exist within the illusory world of the false self where conflict, chaos and confusion rules each moment.

Surrender ‘to What Is’ is the only requirement … simply ‘staying out of the way’ of what ‘flows’ Naturally from the ONE ‘SELF’ YOU ARE. The ‘conditioning’ that causes ‘distortions’ of the Awareness of Perfection will be revealed in this way … to then be dissolved.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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