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Being Still … Being Silent are perhaps the most frequently suggested teachings throughout spiritual antiquity to return to the Self Realized state of Awareness. It does not necessarily mean NOT moving or making sounds, but they certainly can be aspects. Being Still is Being Consciously Aware of Who You Are … of Reality and in its True state is always Present no matter what experience is occurring.

In the intense activity and noise of every day living – ‘there I AM’. Your Conscious Awareness of this Truth ‘is’ Silence/Stillness. This is an ‘every moment’ choice, not an either/or choice. No matter what the body is ‘doing’, you are always ‘I AM’ and can be the witness in every moment no matter how busy your life may seem. It is attachment ‘to’ and identification ‘with’ your activities that make them ‘seem’ that they ‘are’ you … who you are.

You will not somehow lose anything by your ‘detachment’, instead you will ‘savor’ everything far more deeply from the ‘audience of Awareness’ rather than the ‘stage of dreaming’. This is simply the choice to ‘really LIVE’ rather than just exist.

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