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Throughout recorded history various statements that mean the same as this have appeared: “It is better to give than to receive.” This is NOT true.

YOU … the Real YOU – the ONE SELF ‘is’ Abundance IT SELF. IT/YOU is ‘complete, lacking nothing. In the Grand Dream where most believe they are very limited and vulnerable ‘individuals’, the concept of ‘lack’ seems normal – it is NOT. It is the skewed notion of most of spirituality that there is something more pious, humble and compassionate about ‘giving’ rather than receiving … it is NOT.

Within the dream the world ‘is’, abundance must flow in order for it to be readily available. One must ‘receive’ abundance [in any form] in order to give without interruption. This is NOT selfish … it is simply logical. This dream-formula is mis-understood or not understood at all for most of humanity and as a result – ‘lack’ is made to ‘seem’ normal.

Very soon there will be an enormous ‘increase’ in the available abundance that everyone will be able to receive. If it is your sincere desire to Truly ‘serve’ the world, being OPEN to receive is imperative. The SELF ‘is’ Worthiness IT SELF … simply remain OPEN and watch the miracles flow through you that are about to unfold.

From MAGICIAN to MASTER: The Creator’s Formula - Making Your Dreams Come True

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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