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The universe and all that is in the Grand Dream ‘is’ YOU and YOU are ONE … ‘without’ contrast. However, this fantastic dream most still call reality allows for the ONE Consciousness YOU Are to ‘taste’ contrast. Being a dream, it is ‘nothing’, but when Consciousness believes IT is an isolated entity called a ‘person’, IT identifies with the dream in the multitude of ways IT does and the un-real then ‘seems’ to be real. These illusory contrasts then take on a wide divergence of what ‘appears’ to be ‘good and bad’ and this concept generates ‘opposites’, which collide. This is where the world of ‘opinions’ is born, and this branches out into judgment, discrimination and separation where confusion and chaos thrive.

To restore the Awareness of the ONE-SELF this world of contrast [separation] must be ‘reconciled’. The highs and lows, the dark and light, the beautiful and ugly … the good and bad, all must be resolved back into the neutrality of ONE, without definitions or labels of any kind. This reconciliation can be called ‘Unconditional Love’ of ‘All That Is’ and is fully known ‘only’ when one has returned to the total Awareness of Who They Really Are. This reconciliation takes place as the false self [which is made up ‘out of’ conditioning], dissolves back into the SELF.

For this, Self Inquiry together with total surrender to Truth is the simplest and most direct route.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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