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The concept of relationships is casually accepted by almost everyone since most of humanity is locked in the belief in separation, even if intellectually they may also believe in ONE-ness. Two people sharing a life is perhaps one of the most sought-after experiences there is and to the extent that it IS one of the best environments to ‘witness’ who you are NOT through the constant mirror-triggers that occur, it DOES have great value. The driving urge to be with another person however is almost exclusively to find ‘completion’ in an existence where something always ‘feels’ missing to the mind or false self.

From this urge to ‘extinguish’ the underlying cause of ‘feeling’ incomplete, all manner of controls are put into action when a relationship is formed [mostly this is unconscious]. These controls are meant to ‘keep’ the solution in place and to then ‘mold’ it into the perfect ‘fix’ so that each partner can finally get on with living their lives … hopefully in peace and happiness. This remedy however ‘never’ works. Even so call ‘made in heaven’ relationships are laden with compromises to put a ‘patch’ on the conditioning ‘wounds’ the false self identity is defined by.

Unicity ‘is’ genuine ONE-ness where no conditions of any kind exist. I am not speaking of an open-free-love arrangement, which is still a relationship but an Awareness that the two bodies present together are NOT who we are but instruments for God to Love IT SELF. Endless synchronous expressions and the miraculous are totally ‘normal’ and ever present as is the flow of ‘completely’ un-conditioned Love and Joy. Nothing is forced, just as a waiting hand remains still for a descending downy feather to settle on it. The ‘essence’ of Freedom is so subtle it is not even noticed, while stress is totally unknown. This ‘is’ Life lived normally while what the world has known in relationships for eons is completely abnormal, constricted, conditional and controlled … filled with stress. Unicity is NOW Living … the very Heart of Love expressed.

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