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What is to be, WILL be … it is predestined based on the conditioning you came in with. It is one’s resistance to this that is the cause of ALL suffering. That resistance is due to the false self wanting things to be different … so called ‘better’. When True Surrender comes, your YES to ‘What Is’ diffuses this struggle. It does not necessarily mean that pain will cease or that you agree with What Is … it simply means suffering ends - there is a huge difference between pain and suffering.

It is natural to avoid pain and that, in itself is NOT resistance but suffering arises when there is resistance and attachment to outcomes. If pain occurs, say YES to it … again, suffering arises when it is resisted. This is NOT ‘embracing’ pain, it is simply acknowledging that it ‘is’ occurring. It is also natural to seek remedies for pain and endurance to withstand the pain that does occur … of course, pursue these as you will but release resistance.

When suffering is dissolved the ‘triggers’ that accompany pain can more easily be recognized and taken into Self Inquiry where the conditioning that underpins the pain can be dissolved. This is ‘working with’ the dream to dream yourself ‘out-of’ it.


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