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Who is it that is supposed to – “Rest in Peace”? The body falls away and what happens then is one of the most asked questions the false self has.

As long as the SELF has ‘not’ been Realized [remembered as Who You Really Are] the ‘mind’ [the illusion of a person] passes into a subtler realm after the ‘mortal coil is shuffled off’. The mind is made up of the ‘conditioning’ that manifested the false self as an individual identity. This mind continues to exist in a more ephemeral body and still ‘believes’ it is a person who has just died. The conditioning along with all the beliefs contained within it, will continue to produce new experiences based on that conditioning just played out in that one physical life experience.

This may include various spiritual realms such as the illusion of various heavens and hells depending on the beliefs it held in the recent life experience. It may ‘at first’, experience illusory healing in hospital-type environments where traumatic departures from the body can be balanced … ‘illusory’ because this entity does NOT really exist. It may flow into spiritual teaching situations where the most recent experience can be nudged toward Truth. No matter where it is led, unless the full ‘Awareness’ of the one SELF has occurred, it will return to a body where a ‘new’ false self identity will manifest for another attempt. It most definitely is NOT resting in Peace … except brief initial resting periods. PEACE is ‘Who You Are’ as the SELF, which in this case is still slumbering behind the clouds of conditioning.

There is ‘no escape’ from the FREEDOM You Are. Your experience as the slumbering God-SELF unerringly ‘points’ toward that Awareness until it is Realized.

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