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Ask the question, “Does this last … is it permanent or temporary?” This is the simple and effortless way to constantly ‘expose’ what is NOT Real. The SELF or ONE/YOU by any name is ‘eternal and unborn’.

This will also ‘trigger’ that which is sticking … the conditioning that is defining your false self and the dream of unreal things that seem real. The more it ‘triggers’ you the more ready it is to be ‘looked at’. You can transform this by ‘feeling’ into these triggers and then ‘embracing’ what comes up [no matter how ugly since everything is an aspect of the ONE] … Grace will transform them or a layer of them if they are deep, as many are. This is Self Discovery and a very effective ‘way’ to shave off the camouflaging disguises you wear and suffer over repeatedly.

A simpler way-less way is to simply ask “to whom do these thoughts [triggers] arise?’ The answer of course is ‘Me’. Follow that with ‘Who am I?’ If you are consistent with this, soon you will step off the wheel of conditioning/karma and the false self will no longer hide the Real YOU from IT SELF. This is Self Inquiry. The false self will tell you this is ‘far too simple’ because it believes anything worthwhile must be worked hard for and struggled for.

Nevertheless, if you ‘really’ want to Live ‘in and as’ the Truth you Are – it is the ‘direct route’ to the Freedom You Are.

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