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It is very common to hear spiritually oriented people proclaim that they are living ‘real’ and ‘balanced’ … living ‘their’ truth … and yet, there ‘is’ only ONE Truth … no individual truths.

The SELF is ‘humility’ IT SELF … Still and Silent … Presence. IT never draws attention to so called accomplishments. Spiritual arrogance is a very subtle ignorance and far more insidious than the deep dreaming of the false self because it suggests one has ‘arrived’. There ‘is’ no arriving, only the Awareness of what already IS … and this requires ‘ruthless authenticity’, a consistent and vigilant ‘focus’ on Truth - NO MATTER WHAT, turning over every stone that may be hiding conditioning and obscuring Who You Really Are.

Very few as yet have this constant dedication … but that is changing quickly as this, the Great SHIFT collapses every false structure and belief allowing what ‘is’ Real to emerge from within.

“THE GREAT SHIFT ‘explained”- The World You Have Known Is Collapsing. Here Is Why It’s a GIFT

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