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Pure Conscious Awareness [the Real YOU] manifests universes so that IT can experience and savor IT SELF while IT plays within these projections. The pendulum of experience swings completely from 1-59 [on a clock metaphor] and nothing is excluded from ITs choice to experience. This makes no sense to the mind, separated from the Truth as it is and barely existing in its myopic world of opposites that defines the swaying arc of its tiny experience.

“Why would God [YOU] want to experience darkness and all that that suggests” … the mind asks. It does not realize that ONE [another name for God Consciousness] cannot exclude anything from IT SELF ‘as’ ONE. Darkness and Light ‘are’ ONE. The mind does not see God in everything as IT does, which is the same as saying IT recognizes everything ‘as’ LOVE. The mind does not realize that the universe is an illusion and the miniscule part it plays in this dream is also unreal.

It is the play of Light manifesting in infinite ways ‘beneath’ the Awareness of limited thinking, that the SELF [YOU] clearly sees as a majestic wonder in each projected thing and experience. The beginning of True seeing is Gratitude – being thankful for everything that IS.

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