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In the coming weeks and months humanity will learn of atrocities seldom seen in the worst horror movies. The sleeping masses will be jolted by what the fading patriarchy [currently known as the deep state], have perpetrated upon the world ‘and’ themselves as the Great Shift into an era of Peace and Light unfolds.

Are we to say ‘YES’ to these unfathomable deeds? YES ‘and’ NO.

If you are watching a movie, do you deny that what is on the screen is happening? No! But at the same moment you ‘know’ that its just a movie – so YES! That is how it is in the Grand Dream this world/universe is. Thought manifests and expands what it is steadfastly focused upon with passion and saying NO to what is manifesting is a form of ‘resistance’, which in turn is the cause of ‘suffering’.

Your YES to What is manifesting [What Is] dissolves suffering.

However, your YES is NOT an ‘endorsement’ of what is occurring, rather it is a recognition that it IS happening … just as in the moment to moment unfolding of a movie. In this way, you step ‘off’ the wheel of suffering with your YES while recognizing the imbalance of what is occurring.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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