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In order for the manifested universe to occur the belief in separation is required. This produces a ‘from here to there’ phenomena, which is tied to time and space [also illusions]. The entire plethora of opposites makes up the resulting dream worlds, universes and all that ‘seems to be’ within them including things such as bodies and every circumstance. All of this is ‘neutral’. It is one’s thoughts that judge the ‘value’ of these opposites and those opinions and perspectives in turn bring about the roller coaster of happiness and sorrow. To focus on only half of these opposites … such as good, is to embrace ‘imbalance’ and from that the roller coaster becomes more dramatic.

There are phases when the planet has a relative ‘balance’ or Age of Light. It has just entered one of these phases recently, however this balance is not the Harmony that emanates from the Peace YOU Are ‘as’ the SELF because the universe is a dream and dreams are always changing while the SELF never changes. Nevertheless, this phase ‘does’ open an expanded opportunity to recognize [more easily] the Truth. Focusing attention beyond the opposites of so-called good and bad to the ONE-ness that is ‘before’ the dream, accelerates the Awareness of Who YOU Really Are.

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