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The search for Truth is almost universal in some manner, from the simple ‘mind related’ focus on finding honesty wherever it may hopefully seem to exist in the world-dream to the deep seated longing and dedication to Truth by millions of spiritually oriented people.

Nevertheless, the mere ‘act’ of seeking validates the ‘belief’ that Truth is NOT an ever-Present Reality, and ‘that’ alone keeps it out of the reach of  because it emphasizes ‘separation’. The declaration: “I AM” for example, is a statement that you ‘are’ Truth IT SELF … even if this is simply a mind-believed idea this focuses Life into this Attention and the Truth ‘of’ it ‘expands’ in Awareness [Truth IT SELF never changes and therefore does NOT expand].

With this also comes an expansion of the Awareness of who you are NOT [conditioning]. While this is very uncomfortable [standing in the fire of who you are NOT] … it accelerates the desolation ‘possibility’ of the blocks to the Real Heart-centered Awareness ‘of’ Truth, which ‘is’ the SELF - IT SELF.

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