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Updated: Feb 13, 2019


Self hatred lies beneath ‘all’ destructive behavior [both to others and yourself]. It is tied to the primal conditioning of guilt, shame, remorse and unworthiness. When one hates themselves, it is first expressed outwardly through conduct but eventually finds its way into various physical issues. Later, when the fruits of this conduct become obvious it is common to become introverted and depressed, which is actually a step forward toward Truth [on the pathless-path].

Self hatred prolongs one’s sojourn in the grand dream because beneath this lies the belief that anything seemingly dark that happens is deserved. Prisons and hospitals are filled with those who carry this heavy weight. As always, the belief in separation is at the foundation of this delusion. When the Awareness of ONE-ness begins to dawn, the belief in ‘person-hood’ and individual responsibility – fades. From this glimmer of Light, the grand dream is soon exposed, and the ‘game’ shifts significantly.

SELF Love does not occur until one is Truly Aware [beyond intellectual beliefs] that they are ONE [any name given to God/Love IT SELF]. The so-called division between self hatred and SELF Love is ‘vast’, but requires just a tiny shift in Awareness, which is brought on by total surrender. Again, this is the enormous blessing of suffering.

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