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UNWORTHINESS is the foundational conditioning that defines the false-self-identity most refer to as ‘me’. It manifests in a multitude of ways, most very subtle such as the casual acceptance of a society built on hierarchies. Birth status, color, creed, education and financial status are just a few of the criteria that make up this ‘me and them’ illusory staircase.

A more overt example is the acceptance of abuse tied inextricably to an attempt to ‘fix’ the abuser. We see this often in family relationships where entitlement and acceptance of abuse on many levels becomes the ‘norm’. This kind of abuse exists in many cultures as an accepted practice with women most often the recipients of the abuse. In less tolerant cultures it is often an addiction with the abused hoping that they can somehow ‘save’ the abuser.

This is a pervasive narrative in the dream world most call reality and even if the abuser and abused are separated, the story-line tends to repeat itself disguised as some other form of abuse to over and over again validate the sense of unworthiness.

Only the recognition that YOU are ‘Worthiness’ IT SELF resolves this widespread conditioning. When one dives within and leaves behind the world of passing solutions they will discover the Truth … that they ‘are’ already that which they seek – the ONE SELF. Any concept of being ‘less-than’ dissolves in this Awakening.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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