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So much of what is said and thought subtly affirms ‘separation’ and thereby validates that an individual person called ‘you’ really exists. This is totally normal for the average ‘person’ but when one steps into the so-called spiritual life the ‘Life Force’ within these subtle words and phrases are accentuated because there is conscious ‘intent’ behind them. When that ‘Intention’ is meant to ‘serve and lift’ what are erroneously ‘believed’ to be - ‘others’, these subtleties become almost invisible and the well intended efforts ‘expand’ and ‘solidify’ the lie of separation, further delaying one’s Freedom. This may ‘seem’ picayune, but it is highly relevant.

For example, it is common to hear a spiritually oriented ‘person’ say, “I am sending you Healing Light and Love”. Much like the illusion of a ‘spiritual path’, the concept of sending anything ‘to’ another ‘person’ sounds totally plausible but is NOT possible in Reality. Time and space [distance] and ‘other-ness’ all state that separation is True and as comforting and cozy as these statements seem, they are NOT True and NOT possible. The one in ‘need’ of so-called healing is an aspect of the sleeping God-SELF ‘you are’. The [conditioned false self] ‘you’, projecting this thought/feeling, does NOT ‘know’ what that one actually requires. Their current challenging circumstance is exactly ‘where and what’ they need for their highest purpose, well beyond the comprehension of the false self.

Instead, stating – “Thy Will Be Done” [or words to that effect] expands the Real LOVE currently taking a ‘form’ that does not appeal to the false self. There is more genuine LOVE in your ‘intention to comfort’ that one than in anything you can ‘imagine’ can be done through your ‘thought projection’. This intention ‘is’ LOVE ‘as’ Compassion and leaving the ‘ways-and-means’ to the SELF [the totally Aware God SELF] is wisdom and humility. Additionally, it does not add fuel to the error of separation through an attempt to ‘project’ the false self’s myopic version of Love through a ‘time and space’ that ‘does not exist’. This is being completely ‘open’ to letting LIFE LIVE LIFE.

Image by Solveig Larsen

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Your website and my computer dont seem compatable. Its very difficult to write anything here


I am new to your blog ut a lot of what you say resonates. It is similar to some other teachings including some I have read of the Master Jesus. I would like some input on my expierience on this subject. Years ago as I was learning about spirituallity I found a book bty the non physical teacher Orin. As I read I was not really impressed by it until I came to pg#85. This chapter was all about sending Love. Pade after page about sending Love to the Universe and if I remember correctly to any and all beings. It was so good that after I finished the book I went back to reread that chapter. But it wasnt…

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