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Sentimentality is one of the most seductive traps of the false self. Each sense can be stimulated with past experiences of every kind that once made you feel alive, happy, complete, safe and fulfilled and a powerful longing to once again taste these moments can rise like the onrush of a surging tide by the slightest stimulation. Virtually every industry plays on sentiment to attract buyers, from fragrances to travel to automobiles to real estate. Nothing is further from NOW moment living than consciously clinging to the past and trying to relive it.

Life lived Truly is always and only NOW and this is well beyond simply experiencing the world of dreams … it is the Awareness of Who You Really Are – witnessing the Light that shines on the projected screen of consciousness and savouring each moment ‘without’ the attachment of sentiment. The senses allow the mind to feel the world dream through the body … while Awareness ‘knows’ IT is NOT a body-mind and Silently observes the Grand Dream in Bliss.

BOOKS by John McIntosh


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