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The false-self-body-mind-identity loves the spectacular, the phenomenal, the sentimental, the sensational and all the emotional fanfare of ‘display’. It revels in recognition, accolades, applause and the attention of the masses no matter how superficial. When it speaks of its spiritual seeking and commitment there is always a plethora of flowery phrases and quotes, which point to its profound and endless archive of ‘learned knowledge’ concerning sacred things. All of this is a self-supporting tactic to enhance its image of being ‘real’ … both to itself and anyone who will foster the illusion of its fictional identity.

The SELF is quiet, resting silently in the still knowing of ITs True and only identity as the ONE Consciousness in which All That Is appears and dissolves like waves on/in an infinite ocean. Simplicity always accompanies ITs Grandeur. IT never seeks attention but rests patiently knowing ITs slumbering God-SELF counterpart will eventually turn within and leave the crumbling disguises of the false self deception behind.

Knowing the SELF YOU Are is to be often in Stillness and Silence.

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