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The false-self-identity called ‘you’ [everyone], believes its mind is located in its body … probably in the brain or perhaps in the chest. It believes it ‘is’ this body-mind with a unique personality. In most cases it believes there is some kind of higher power or entity somewhere ‘out there’ as well as within this body-mind … maybe in the heart, which it calls God and many other names. Further, it believes that this higher power is ‘judging’ it and that ‘if’ it behaves well enough and accumulates enough good deeds [like collecting brownie points] it will ‘go’ to some beautiful ‘place’ [perhaps called heaven] after the death of the body. This grand fiction has held the God-SELF captive since the dawn of time [the original fall of Conscious Awareness of Truth].

Simplification: There ‘is’ only the SELF or ONE [Pure Conscious Awareness]. Everything that ‘seems’ to be, ‘is’ IT. To experience IT SELF it uses the concept of separation [impossible in Reality since ONE is always ONE] to manifest a ‘dream’ or illusion called the universe. IT uses ALL of this dream including the tiniest wave/particle to ‘play’ in this made up fantasy. ‘Separation’ is used to manifest the required ‘time and distance’ factor necessary to make anything ‘seem’ to appear [a ‘from here to there’ phenomena].

The use of separation also manifests ‘contrast’, which the SELF uses to taste and savor IT SELF through the dream. It also manifests ‘opposites’, [good/bad, night/day, male/female, etc.], which in turn bring about ‘conflict and chaos’. This imbalance generates an infinitude of highs and lows. It also produces the conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications] that make up the illusionary false-self called a person [body-mind-identity]. In this way Pure Conscious Awareness ‘sleeps’ to Who IT Really Is during eons of repeated cycles where the opposites waffle between one pole – Feminine and another pole – Masculine with a short period of ‘relative’ balance in between [like a teeter-totter in the mid-point, which is not the same as Peace].

Eventually, each fragmented false-self-identity becomes satiated with the highs and lows through ‘suffering’, which is a ‘Divine Discontent’ used to wake the sleeping SELF ‘out of its deep sleeping dream. When enough suffering occurs the sleeping SELF capitulates and voluntarily ‘turns inward’ and responds to this ‘call’ HOME by surrendering to ‘What Is’. When the surrender is ‘total’, the return HOME or remembering Who IT Really Is, is very fast [in clock time]. For many, this is happening Now.

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