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Nothing you ‘seem’ to ‘do’ in this world of dreams has ‘any’ affect on Who YOU Really Are. Who YOU Are is unchanging Perfection. YOU cannot be somehow improved or developed. YOU do not evolve … only the Awareness of Who YOU Are Expands in the slumbering God-SELF that lingers in the dream … NOT in the false-self-body-mind-identity you play at as a ‘person’.

‘God’ or ‘Consciousness’ are names for YOU. The world is a smoke-screen for most, which hides this simple Truth. The most that can be done is to clear your vision [Awareness] by turning your Attention ‘from’ the world – inward. This does not mean looking at ‘thoughts’ and analysing them. All Attention given to thoughts, no matter what your motive, gives ‘Life’ to them and adds more smoke to the screen. This is how conditioning/karma expands.

Inside is a ‘blank’ screen on which the world dream appears. This means you are giving your Attention ‘to’ this blank-ness … this nothing-ness ... this I AM Presence. What happens is that the blank screen takes over your Life experience and navigates the Real YOU through the smoke-screen of the world … deftly and flawlessly. The more you let go and allow this precise guidance, the simpler and more magical your Life becomes.

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