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To the mind ‘fixing’ the world means ‘eliminating’ somethings and creating or expanding other things … the so-called dark and light struggle. The mind ceaselessly attempts this from the microcosm of tiny events to the macrocosm of the world ‘story’. Over and over there ‘seems’ to be success or defeat in these endeavors, such as the resolution of a simple argument to the end of a global conflict. Then, not long afterward, this same struggle rears its head again disguised in some other narrative. And yet the mind remains resolute in its efforts to sort out this enduring dilemma.

Unknown to the delusional mind is the fundamental structure of the ‘universal dream’ … ‘separation’, which gives rise to the infinite opposites of dark and light. Without this there ‘is’ no universe since a ‘from here to there’ illusion must be present for the projection of the illusory dream-universe to ‘seem’ to appear as something most believe is ‘reality’.

Awakening ‘from’ this endless scenario is the only so-called ‘fix’ possible. This requires a redirected focus ‘from’ the outward world-illusion of opposites/separation to the inner reality of ONE-ness. This is ‘simple’ yet difficult … so convincing is the belief in the world-illusion. One must have arrived at the unequivocal frustration that only total Freedom from dreaming is the primary focus.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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