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Special days are made-up concepts designed to bring Attention to an idea. The day may be an anniversary or something that occurred in the dream such as a New Year, or an arbitrary demarcation ‘of’ a so-called ‘important’ idea. To the extent that it draws Attention ‘inward’ these moments have Real value. Most however, over the illusion of time, collectively ‘degrade’ into an excuse for a celebration. Nevertheless, ‘if’ that celebration allows for the ‘closed fist’ of the false self to release a little, opening to the natural flow of Love [SELF] to be expressed, then there is Great value in those celebrations.

The false self is a very cloistered entity, which covets its false identity and guards this illusion tenaciously because it represents the very existence of something Un-real. Behaving joyfully and humbly in a relaxed care-free manner makes it ‘vulnerable’ and exposes the false self’s fake image of independent strength and the ability to navigate life successfully [as it sees life].

The entire Christmas season represents one of these ‘windows’ of opportunity for the SELF to freely express the Beauty, Freedom and Love that is YOUR natural ‘essence’. It transcends the historical-dream-story that brought it into being and exposes Truth to the slumbering God-SELF counterpart ‘Who’ IT Really IS. Embrace these moments where the false self temporarily ‘surrenders’ its facade of bravado. For some, during the Great SHIFT now expanding so quickly, it can mean a ‘no going back to sleep’ moment.


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