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The most insidious conditioning is spiritual arrogance. It is the most subtle ‘trap’ within the belief in separation … the illusion of greater and lesser … of ‘I’ have arrived where ‘you’ have not and can show you the way. This is obvious and normal in the dream-world of endless body-mind-identities where years of education, training, study and practice seem to place the ‘teacher’ above the ‘student’ … no one questions these hierarchic levels in the dream-narrative. However, in the True Reality separation does not exist and ‘all’ is recognized as ONE. Those that are fully Aware of the ONE SELF They Are, experience ‘only’ this ONE - in and as everything.

The only so-called difference is in Awareness and one’s conditioning determines how thick or thin [or non existent] this veil is. When one feels that someone called ‘me’ has attained a degree ‘above’ so-called ‘others’ they are truly ‘stuck’ - more so than the deepest sleeper. This is why anyone who is genuinely Free knows and proclaims: ‘of myself - I am nothing’.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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