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Ego arrogance [the false-self] is associated with the delusion that it knows and has thing(s) that most do NOT possess. This can be very subtle such as an educator or overtly obvious such as a dictator. In some way humanity acquiesces its obedience to those who display this worldly ‘power’ in hopes of gaining favor in some way.

Spiritual arrogance is usually far more subtle and offers its followers so-called rewards that transcend the worldly but often include tangible benefits as well. It is an insidious influence that can captivate one’s entire existence and dominate every moment. Often the perpetrator is ‘unaware’ of this deep conditioning believing they have somehow ‘arrived’ at a celestial awareness that makes them somehow ‘special’.

The one who has Truly become Aware and lives only ‘as’ the ONE SELF [that ALL Are], is always humble. They are ‘never’ puffed up. They do not ‘teach’, they ‘un-teach’ by pointing to what is NOT the Real YOU since Truth being infinite cannot be ‘framed’ or ‘limited’ by words in any way. Compassion is always Present and never suggests ‘pity’, which is about victims. They Know, as our beautiful brother said: “Of myself I am nothing” … meaning the body-mind-identity, which has no ‘real’ existence. “This being cannot help benefiting the world. Their very existence is the highest help” – Ramana.

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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