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Imagine an environment where you ‘debrief’ after your last incarnation. This allows the slumbering God-SELF [still sleeping in a more subtle body] to ‘unwrap’ the various disguises IT wore and scripts it followed while dreaming in the last earth-illusion. There, the superfluous activities can be put aside in favor of the ‘essence’ moments that these experiences were meant to reveal. In this way Awareness is not encumbered by the have-to’s, should have’s, guilt, finger pointing or any baggage that lingers on the pages of the ‘play’ just concluded … none of it was real except for those ‘essence’ moments. Those moments were there in which the constrictions of time and space related to the delusion of separation, were NOT present … where boundless, free, effortless joy and unconditional love shone through the chinks in the armor of the false self’s masks.

For most, these moments were smothered in the ‘noise’ of the dream and shunted aside in favor of the ‘oh-so-important-issues’ of that dream. Occasionally, they were cherished and honoured but then relegated to the back shelves of so-called reality as altruistic fantasies, not practical for survival in the ‘real’ world. Some few placed these ‘essence’ moments on the alter of their primary focus, recognizing the Truth they were privileged to experience. Whatever phase of Awareness one had … they will have as many more such dream-experiences as necessary to eventually remember Who They Really Are – the ONE SELF.

You have eternity to return to the Freedom You Are.

“MASS AWAKENING - What’s Really Happening - 2020 - 30 minute Synopsis”

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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