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When someone sleeps ‘to Reality’, as most of humanity still does, there is an unspoken acceptance by many to simply – ‘take the good with the bad because that’s just life’. Others will practice self improvement in an attempt to tip the scales and so-called ‘get’ more of the good than bad. The universal dream however, ‘always’ restores that balance within the illusion of time/space and reincarnation. Nevertheless, these variations are still dreams.

When finally the first glimpse of Truth touches the slumbering Beauty You Are … the ‘dream’ is recognized. Many at this point delude themselves that they are Free with this ‘baby-step’ of Awareness and set out to wake up the rest of the world while they are still heavily cloaked in the conditioning that now defines them as an ‘awakened dreamer’ … dreaming they are awake.

But their dream is NOT less a dream because its spiritual.

This delusion is more insidious than ‘complete’ oblivion to the Grand Dream because a plateau has been reached where it is very easy to believe you are DONE and that you are some kind of master or way-shower to the world. Many then hang out a shingle proclaiming this fallacy and can spend the rest of their body-mind experience basking in this ‘dim’ light.

Freedom, however ... is present only when there is no longer a ‘person’ present. This takes absolutely ruthless authenticity and until that occurs that one has traded their oblivious dream for a spiritual dream.

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